Tring Team Parish - Living God's Love

Tring Church Organ - Specification 1827

Hill & Son, 1827

(NPOR ref D07357, in Tring, D07356 in Long Marston)
MANUALKey action: Tracker; Stop action: Mechanical; Range: C-f3, 54 keys
1.Bourdon16One octave to B
2.Open Diapason8
3.Stopped Diapason8
6.Suabe Flute4TC
PEDALKey action: Tracker; Stop action: n/a; Range: C-g, 20 keys
Pedal permanently coupled to Manual
CONSOLEStop type: Drawstop
Pedalboard: Flat parallel
OTHERHand blowing
Electric blowing (Discus) installed at All Saints, date unknown

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