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Tring Church Organ

Often called the "King of Instruments" the organ has a special place in the musical life of any church.

The organ in Tring has a wide variety of sounds capable of anything from the very quietest of background or mediational music to leading singing for a full church of nearly 400 people. It is a three manual plus pedal instrument of good proportion for the building and offering a wide tonal variety.

It was originally built in 1890 by Henry Jones & Sons of South Kensington. It has twice been rebuilt and extended, first by N. P. Mander & Co. and secondly by Saxon Aldred of Redbourn.

The rebuild by Saxon Aldred, in 1985, was an extensive rebuild retaining the existing manual action and pipework and adding nine new ranks. The pedal section was relocated and converted to electrical action.

Due to the passage of time since the 1985 rebuild the organ is, sadly, somewhat unreliable with quite a few faults that cannot be fixed without a full (and very expensive) rebuild.

Some photographs of the organ can be seen below.

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